The Navigation Process

Initial Meeting

This is about getting to know each other and taking time to familiarise ourselves with your personal situation. We need to understand your finances and your attitude to risk, but equally important is for us is to learn about your lifestyle and your aspirations for you and your family. Here we will produce a summary of our finding and initial suggestions.

There is no cost at this stage so if you feel comfortable progressing then we will start putting together your unique financial roadmap.

Planning Your Journey

We now get to work creating the bespoke plan for your future. We will study exactly where you are now, how you got here, and, more important, where you to want to get to. We use a variety of research techniques and by taking into account the timing of your expected life stages and your acceptable level of exposure, we can ensure that you have money in the right places at the right time, at the right levels of risk and as tax efficiently as possible.

Your Financial Roadmap

Your unique Financial Roadmap will illustrate what your financial future looks like, and what actions will need to be taken for you to achieve the life you want to live. It will take account of your life stages and will advise what needs to happen now as well as in 12 months, five, ten, fifteen years, and beyond.

Implementing Our Recommendations

Now we have an agreed plan, we can start implementing it. We will recommend the best products to help you on your way and get them set up for you. As we are free to search the market, you can be confident they are the ones that suit you best, rather than products someone else is telling us to offer you. If you need something more, we are always happy to introduce you to someone from within our wide network of trusted professional connections.

Ongoing Services

Once everything is in place, you should start ticking off a goal or two from your list. However, life can have some twists and turns, so we will also meet with you regularly to check your plans are on track, find out if there are any big changes on the horizon – and if there have been any small changes regarding taxation, legislation or regulations since we last met. If things are not going according to plan, we’ll just set a new course and carry on working towards your original destination.
“Philip is an excellent and trusted adviser with commitment and a dynamic approach to all that he does. His enthusiasm is to be admired with his priorities valuing his clients at all stages.”

Justin Urquhart-Stewart